Bert Hill, a veteran journalist who covers Nortel for the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, attacked Canada’s government for failing to help pensioners from the bankrupt telecommunications gear company.

“Worried about the potential impact of higher borrowing costs on ‘a fragile recovery’ …- the senators threw the widows to the wolves,” wrote Hill about rejection of legislation designed to move more of Nortel’s liquidation proceeds to the pensioners. Their benefits will be cut 65 percent in January.

Given a court decision in the U.K. last week that puts Nortel’s $3 billion in asset sales at risk in order to fund pension requirements there, Hill noted that the squabble over the remains of the company is far from over.

Another proposal might delay the cuts three months, he noted. But Hill obviously is far from satisfied.

“If the proposal is approved, the grateful Nortel widows won’t have to push their walkers through snow drifts on the way to the welfare office come the spring,” Hill wrote.

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