“Ender’s Game,” one of the great science fiction classics won’t be turned into a videogame anytime soon.

Chair Entertainment, a subsidiary of Cary-based Epic Games, has put the project on hold, Chair co-founder Donald Mustard tells the website Joystiq.

Chair announced the game in January 2008 and that it would utilize the Unreal game engine from Epic. Epic acquired Chair in July.

The game was supposed to focus on the “Battle Room” in which the book’s characters trained, developed and employed battle tactics and strategy.

“We have and had an amazing design for the Ender’s Game game,” Chair co-founder Donald Mustard told Joystiq. He noted that “one of [parent company] Epic’s primary objectives is to create original and unique franchises. I don’t know that Ender’s Game fits into that strategic objective anymore.”

Chair just released Epic’s first game for the Mac IOS operating system. “Infinity Blade” is setting sales records. (Read details here.)

For fans of the Ender universe, however, a video game is still not reality.

Read the Joystiq report here.

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