Cree (Nasdaq: CREE) and Habitat for Humanity of Durham completed construction of a home in which all the lighting is light emitting diode (LED) fixtures and bulbs.

It is the first such LED home built by a Habitat for Humanity group.

Cree, which is based in Durham and is one of the world leaders in LED development and manufacturing, sponsored the construction, and Cree employees were among the volunteers in the project.

The Rahlan-Ksor family moved into the home at 1015 Moreland Ave. in Durham.

“We thank Cree and its employees for their dedication to supporting and building this house, as well as helping show that affordable housing can be green, especially with the help of LED lighting,” said Miguel Rubiera, executive director, Habitat for Humanity of Durham. “Our 251st house is an example of the Habitat house of the future.”

Cree also has donated $1.5 million worth of LED lighting over the next three years to Habitat homes over the next three years.

“We’re pleased to not only provide energy-efficient LED lighting products to Habitat for Humanity homes across the U.S., but also to help build a sustainable and affordable home for one of our hometown families,” said Chuck Swoboda, Cree’s chairman and chief executive officer. “The Rahlan-Ksor family can now enjoy homeownership with lower electricity costs than a standard home, and even if they use the LED lights six hours a day, they shouldn’t need to change them for the next two decades.”

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