Nortel, the bankrupt telecommunications provider, has put its patent portfolio up for bids, according to the Reuters news service.

Nortel has already liquidated most of its assets.

The value of the Nortel intellectual portfolio is estimated to be more than $1 billion.

Most appealing of Nortel’s patents are expected to be those covering wireless technology, especially high-speed broadband known as LTE and SAE in the emerging 4G market, the report noted.

Apple and Google are expected to be among the bidders, Reuters said.

Canada-based Research In Motion, the manufacturer of the BlackBerry, has expressed interest in Nortel’s patent portfolio in the past.

According to unnamed sources, final bids are due in the near future, Reuters said.

Last week, Nortel sold one of its few remaining product assets – a joint venture in China – to Ericsson. The company says it has raised more than $3 billion in the liquidation process.

Nortel once employed some 8,000 people at its campus in RTP.

Read the Reuters report here.

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