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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – “Black Friday” was a record green – as on money – for e-commerce ser vices provider ChannelAdvisor.

The privately held company that provides infrastructure support for such firms as eBay and reported a huge increase in sales from a year ago.

“We calculate the total gross merchandise value (GMV) that we process—which is basically another word for sales that are processed through our systems, and Black Friday GMV was 34.7 percent higher than 2009 Black Friday,” ChannelAdvisor’s Delisa Reavis told Local Tech Wire and

“Our total GMV was $23.1 million—which is record-breaking for us!” The total was $6 million higher than last year’s record.

ChannelAdvisor makes its money off fees from online transactions, so the more GMV the better for the company, which had beefed up staff and infrastructure for the expected big weekend.

Still ahead for ChannelAdvisor is Cyber Monday, which is widely expected to also produce record-breaking e-commerce sales.

ChannelAdvisor’s surge in business was reflected across the e-commerce industry as a whole with sales up sharply, according to IBM’s Coremetrics and other firms which reported double-digit gains.

Scot Wingo, ChannelAdvisor’s founder and chief executive officer, wrote in a blog at SeekingAlpha and ChannelAdvisor that the online shopping business is even better than expected.

“With holiday predictions in the 9 percent (Comscore) to 16 percent (Forrester), so far the holiday shopping period is significantly exceeding expectations,” Wingo wrote. “We won’t be able to ‘call it’ until we get much later in December because it could be that things are just much more front-loaded this year. But with days that show 37 percent and 28 percent growth over last year, we are clearly off to a strong start.”

Wingo had also predicted big sales. (Read the details here.)

Happy Thank$giving, too

Sales not only were up on Black Friday but also on Thanksgiving, ChannelAdvisor reported.

“Thanksgiving Day showed tremendous growth,” Reavis said. “Regarding our same-store-sales (SSS) numbers for Thanksgiving Day, Marketplaces (eBay and Amazon) came in at just shy of 20 percent at 19.6 percent, paid search (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.) SSS were up an astounding 58.9 percent and comparison shopping (PriceGrabber, NexTag, Shopzilla, others) SSS increased by 23 percent.”

Amazon produced especially strong business on Thursday.

“Regarding marketplaces, we had a huge day on Amazon with all-in GMV for Thanksgiving Day alone exceeding the largest day of Amazon GMV for all of 2009,” Reavis reported.

The buying binge continued on Friday.

“Marketplaces SSS were up 32 percent, with Amazon growing by 82.3 percent and eBay by 16.5 percent,” Reavis said. “Paid search SSS growth was 30.8 percent and comparison shopping came in at 19 percent growth.

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