Hello, I am Rebecca and I’m the CAMM Correspondent from Exploris Middle School in Raleigh.

I am very excited about the Global Online Town Hall this Wednesday! The event will take place at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and afterwards we will get to meet with local dignitaries.

My school has a partnership with the museum and I have an internship there. In 6th and 7th grade we learned about the museum and in 8th grade we have the opportunity to apply for an internship. We work with experts in their fields doing different things at the museum. For example, some of my classmates may be designing new exhibits, while others may be teaching younger kids about animals. I learn a lot from my mentors at the museum, but I also learn from my peers when they tell me about their work.


At the museum, I work in the Tropical Conservatory (aka the butterfly room). Last week my partner and I let 150 people into the Tropical Conservatory and gave them our welcome speech informing them about the room and the animals in it. Also, I got to handle a milk snake and teach the public about venomous and non-venomous snakes. The rhyme goes (only applies to North America): “Red touches black, friend of Jack. Red touches yellow, kills a fellow.” Some red touching yellow snakes are mimicking the venomous snakes so other predators are afraid! Also, I get to do really exciting things like feeding sloths or seeing new butterfly cocoons from Costa Rica.

We use technology to learn more about these animals and we might not know as much about them without technology! Also, there is zoology and other sciences that involve all types of animals. Especially now when we are having troubles polluting the environment it is important that we are able to understand and help nature. Everything is linked together—it truly is the circle of life!

Editor’s Note: Raleigh is one of the host sites for a global on-line town hall meeting on the subject of math and science in schools sponsored by Time Warner Cable and its Connect a Million Minds initiative.

Thousands of students from around the world will be logged on and participating in the event on Nov. 17, including the entire student body from Exploris Middle School.

Students from Exploris will gather at the Museum of Natural Sciences for the big event and for a separate local forum on why American students are behind other developed countries in the area of math and science.

Eighth-grader Rebecca Evans will get the opportunity to ask questions on camera during the global discussion. She is blogging about her experience.