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RALEIGH, N.C. – If you can’t beat them, join them, would seem to be the order of the day at former social media market leader

In an effort to remain relevant as competitors Facebook and Twitter gain users and mindshare, MySpace has launched a redesign of the site that has it looking an awful lot like Facebook.

While MySpace says its redesign is “all about showcasing new music, videos, and creating a super easy way to follow what you’re into”, the actual features the company added are very similar to popular features on Facebook. And in an ultimate sign of capitulation, MySpace now allows users to post their messages on MySpace directly to Facebook and Twitter, acknowledging their superiority in reach and popularity.

The specific features that MySpace added—topic pages, an updated event platform, and new layouts—are all features that Facebook or Twitter have used to attract and grow their audiences. It seems unlikely that users will migrate to MySpace to do things they already do on Facebook or Twitter.

Instead of developing features that the other two sites do not already have, it seems MySpace did a straight rip in an effort to stop losing users to the other platforms. (MySpace traffic is down 25 percent this year, while Facebook and Twitter are up 24 percent and 13 percent respectively).

Businesses seeking to connect with audiences now have even less reason to engage on MySpace. Since users are switching platforms and the other networks are creating new features such as Promoted Tweets and Facebook Places that have clear business value—and are not available on other networks—businesses will focus attention there, instead of on MySpace. The new redesign was supposed to make MySpace more relevant, but it seems to have only cemented their also ran status.

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