(Nasdaq: BDSI) has won approval in Europe for its cancer breakthrough pain killing drug Bema Fentanyl.

The approval means a $2.5 million milestone payment from BDSI’s partner Meda. Another $2.5 million payment is due when the first commercial sale is made. BDSI also will receive double-digit royalties.

The drug, sold as Onsolis, is already approved in the U.S. and Canada. It will be marketed in Europe under the name Breakyl.

A patch that delivers an opiate pain killer, Onsolis is designed to dissolve in a patient’s cheek. It is intended to treat so-called “breakthrough,” or severe pain in cancer patients.
Onsolis utilizes proprietary technology at BioDelivery called BEMA, or bioerodible muco adhesive. It is BDSI’s first product.

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