, the global provider of services and support for authors and artists wanting to self-publish their works, is expanding its printing network to France.

The move is a response in customer growth in the European Union and in particular France, the privately held Raleigh firm says.

Buyers of works published by Lulu in Europe also will see as much as a 20 percent drop in shipping costs through the addition of a local publishing outlet, Lulu says.

“Victor Hugo and the Larousse Gastronomique [a classic about French cuisine] have nothing on the remarkable French authors and their books being published on Lulu,” said Lulu Chief Executive Officer Bob Young. “We’re committed to helping them reach readers all over the world by providing best-in-class tools for publishing and marketing their works in both print and digital formats. The addition of this printer is just one of several exciting projects we have planned to help authors in France sell more books.”

According to Lulu, growth of author registrations in France has increased 80 percent this year.

“I can’t get much more specific on France than that 80 percent number, but I can tell you we’re talking multiples of thousands, not hundreds [in growth],” a company spokesperson told LTWE and WRAL.com.

The company now has print partners on three continents.

Lulu also recently expanded its ePublishing tool for French authors wanting to publish ebooks.

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