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RALEIGH, N.C. – , a new social networking start-up, aims to make the digital connections formed in cyberspace more meaningful and relevant.

Its model of enriching and enhancing social data is likely one that will be repeated as people do more relationship building and maintenance online. Hashable lets people connect mutual friends on LinkedIn and Twitter in an online private chat where they can “break the ice.”

The service gives users “hash cred” for making introductions, and then additional recognition if the introduction is rated a success by the participants. It also allows users to keep tabs on people they are meeting and any connections among current contacts that might be helpful in fostering a relationship.

The service aims to add an additional dimension to how relationships are categorized on online professional networking services like LinkedIn and Jigsaw. Hashable wants to indicate the depth and strength of relationships so that people understand which contact might be the best point of introduction. While LinkedIn has gained a large user base due to the efficient business connections it enables, it has not formalized a mechanism to incent people to connect others or to qualify relationships based on duration or intensity.

If I am at a company working directly with someone for three years, I’m going to have a better idea of their capabilities and interests than someone who played flag football with them in college. On LinkedIn, those nuances are not readily apparent, and must be inferred instead.

Hashable is currently in closed, invitation-only beta, but it has financing from a prominent venture capital firm that invests heavily in the social space, which will lead to a rapid public expansion in all likelihood.

The augmentation and processing of social data will be a booming industry in the near term. Other companies like Hashable are going to form rapidly, as consumers and businesses push for more and better data and use cases for social technology.

The initial titans of social networking—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—have created businesses based on amassing social data about their users that they monetize through targeted advertising. The next wave will likely monetize through filtering, sorting, ranking, and qualifying this data so it can be used effectively.

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