The synthesizer pioneer who helped make electronically generated sounds part of the music mainstream lives on in a rare recording.

Robert Moog was too busy inventing the Moog keyboard music synthesizer to perform in public. But 30 years ago he played two concerts in Asheville, his adopted hometown. Now Moog fans can listen in.

Those performances were released Sunday on a CD with a celebration at an Asheville brewery. Profits will benefit the , which funds scholarships at the University of North Carolina at Asheville, the Berklee School of Music in Boston and Cornell University, where Moog earned his Ph.D.

Dan Lewis, the only surviving member of the trio of Moog, Mike Abbott and himself who performed together for the recording, performed and spoke at the premier. He also has written recounting the event and the invention of the synthesizer.

“Bob Moog Live is one of the very few recordings that exists of Bob Moog performing on the Minimoog, one of the many synthesizers he helped create,” the Moog Foundation website says. “About half the tracks on the CD are taken from what musicians often call ‘a gig tape,’ a simple recording made for the musicians to remember the performance by but not originally intended to be reproduced for audiences.”

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