Editor’s note: Elisabeth Holby is a member of the team at , a social media marketing company in Raleigh.

RALEIGH, N.C. –This week, Twitter has been abuzz with commentary from users all over the world.

This newly released, increasingly visually stimulating version of Twitter is an exciting step forward for the platform that is garnering positive reactions across the board. Most likely, this is because the user-friendly, engaging format update gives micro-blogging a creative make-over. It allows users to keep messages short and to the point, but gives them the opportunity to show what they are sharing as well.


Some of the new features:

• Expanded sidebar the provides related content to the Tweet you’re reading

• Ability to embed videos and pictures directly into Twitter page via partnership with media providers like Flickr and YouTube

• “Infinity Scroll” – no more “more” button to read Tweets, all you have to do is scroll

• Streamlined view lets you see features like @mentions, retweets, and lists above the timeline and recent follows (yours and who is following you), favorites and trending topics on the right

So where is the opportunity for marketers in this new Twitter overhaul?

Most notably, these updates expand the options available for what type of content to share and how to share it, adding a new, creative layer to 140 character micro-blogging, and the interactive features will keep users interacting with content for longer periods of time. A topic of conversation can be discussed and viewed simultaneously with little navigation necessary, opening doors to brand awareness and attention in a new way.

Where previously pithy, eye-grabbing phrases were all you had to work with, now generating aesthetically gripping material is what may reign on Twitter. Now, distinguishing yourself on Twitter will require increased effort, both in generating the unique images and strategically placing them to effectively promote your brand.

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