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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – has received its 12th patent related to research and development in biomarker discovery and analysis.

Metabolon’s technology is based on metabolomics. This is the third patent it has received in 2010.

The venture capital-backed firm has developed technology for the biomarkers through profiling of biochemicals such as sugars, nucleotides, fatty acids, amino acids and other small molecules, the company said. The biochemicals are analyzed in patient samples before being compared to other profiles.

Metabolon believes the data can be used for development of diagnostic tests as well as drug development and in monitoring for clinical trials.

“As more information regarding the impact of nutrition on health-related issues becomes available and as the population ages, interest in health and nutrition has increased,” Metabolon explained in a statement.

“The metabolism of an individual changes with age. Until recently the ability to monitor metabolite changes has been limited to targeted assays. With the development of metabolomics analysis, changes in metabolites can now be monitored globally in a non-targeted manner.

“This metabolomic approach allows a metabolic profile to be determined for a group or an individual,” the company added. “The patented invention provides biomarkers and methods to determine the metabolic age of an individual. The ability to determine the metabolite levels of an individual and classify the resulting metabolic profile as positive or negative and then to provide guidance as to how to improve a negative profile will have beneficial effects on the health of an individual.”

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