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RALEIGH, N.C. – Information technology job openings continue to grow in North Carolina despite the ongoing economic struggle.

New data from SkillProof and TekSystems along with the North Carolina Technology Association found average daily job openings in August climbed to 4,560.

That’s a 15 percent jump from July.

Job openings have climbed for seven consecutive months and are at two-year highs.

With unemployment in North Carolina at 9.8 percent and 8 percent in the Triangle, the IT job openings is a bright spot on the jobs front.

“It’s encouraging to see that North Carolina actual employment in tech fields, as well as job openings, continue to outpace national trends,” said Brooks Raiford, NCTA’s chief executive officer.

A year ago, IT job openings averaged 1,130.

Two years ago, IT job openings averaged 3,110.

Skills in highest demand were systems engineering and support at 1,400 compared to 370 a year ago. IT architects and consultants were needed second most at 900, up from 190 in 2009.

Other top skills in demand:

• IT management, 680 (130)

• Software development, 650 (220)

• IT sales and marketing, 470 (60)

• Systems administration, 250 (80)

• Business and process design, 110 (10)

• Hardware engineering, 50 (10)

• Training/Tech writing, 40 (30)

• Misc. categories, 30 (20)

 However, the report’s authors noted that job demand may slow in the coming months. In July, openings had surged 18 percent from June.

“After the strong run up since the beginning of the year this may be the beginning of slower growth ahead,” the report said. “Job markets in some other states, including neighboring states to the north and south, have already leveled off, suggesting faltering expectations for an economic recovering.”

The report also noted that Raleigh and Charlotte job demand “stayed flat.”

Nationally, the report says job openings climbed 3.3 percent.

SkillProof is a talent management firm.

TekSystems provides technology staffing and services.

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