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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – in a time of increasing global urbanization is the topic for an eight-day conference IBM is putting on in the U.K.

“As more and more people live in cities, how can we create sustainable urban development? How will future cities and their citizens transform and cope? Join us as leading civic experts consider the challenges facing U.K. cities today – and into the future,” IBM (NYSE: IBM) says.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, IBM launched a global PC sharing initiative called the project.

Among the first projects to be supported by the initiative is for a study of Chesapeake Bay.

IBM announced four clean water projects Tuesday, including one that will help University of Virginia researchers predict how commercial development, fishing and agriculture affect the bay.

The computing giant says researchers will use its network of 1.5 million personal computers in 80 countries to crunch data while their owners are away or doing tasks that don’t require much processing power.

Other projects IBM is supporting include research in China into developing more efficient water filtration techniques and eliminating a common waterborne disease in Brazil.

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For the remaining days of the event, the topics are:

• Day 2 – Thursday 9th September: Smarter Energy for a Sustainable Future
• Day 3 – Friday 10th September: Smarter Transport for a Sustainable Future
• Day 4 – Saturday 11th September: People and Skills for a Sustainable Future
• Day 5 – Sunday 12th September: Start Young for a Sustainable Future
• Day 6 – Monday 13th September: Smarter Supply Chains for a Sustainable Future
• Day 7 – Tuesday 14th September: Finance and Sustainabilty
• Day 8 – Wednesday 15th September: Smarter Analytics for a Sustainable Future
• Day 9 – Thursday 16th September: Smarter Business for a Sustainable Future

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