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A list of countries considering bans over security concerns with data routed abroad:

India — The country of almost 1.2 billion people has threatened to block corporate e-mail and messaging services unless RIM makes data more easily available to its intelligence and law enforcement agencies by Aug. 31. Phone calls and text messaging would not be affected. Next, the government may ask Google Inc. and Skype SA for greater access to encrypted information sent over their e-mail and phone services.

Indonesia — The Southeast Asian country wants RIM to place a server in its country because it fears that e-mails could be intercepted as they pass through RIM’s servers overseas. It is considering banning the service, but has no firm plans.

Lebanon — The country says it is reviewing whether BlackBerry service raises any security concerns for the nation.

Saudi Arabia — The kingdom’s telecom regulator had ordered a halt to BlackBerry service across the kingdom. Saudi Arabia’s telecommunications regulator says it will allow service to continue in the country for now, citing "positive developments." It’s unclear, however, whether the reprieve is permanent.

United Arab Emirates — The Persian Gulf state plans to shut down e-mail, BlackBerry Messenger and Web browsing on BlackBerrys starting Oct. 11. It says it’s still in talks with Research In Motion Ltd., the Canadian maker of the device. Phone calls and telephone text messages would not be affected.

BlackBerry users mull challenges.

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