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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – The story of Amor Moffat, who has multiple sclerosis, is the most tragic that has unfolded from the Robert Moffat insider trading case.

Moffat admits to having a sexual relationship with Danielle Chiesi, the executive at hedge fund Galleon who is accused of turning information about IBM and AMD that Moffat provided into profits.

Yet in a plea for probation rather than prison time for her husband, Mrs. Moffat on Tuesday submitted to the federal court a letter in which she stood by him.

“I do not regret the choices I’ve made in staying with Bob both in support of him as a person, and as a wife who still firmly believes in and loves her husband,” she wrote, according to Bloomberg news.

Mrs. Moffat added that she is “able to look beyond the pain of betrayal and stand firmly by his side in support.”

The Moffats, who were married in 1978 and once lived in Raleigh, are “looking forward to a time when this can be put behind us,” Mrs. Moffat added.

As sad as the Amor Moffat part of the story is, The New York Post and a lot of other news media are having a lot of fun with the Moffat-Chiesi case.

Here are two headlines from today’s coverage:

• "IBMer says hedge hottie ‘played’ him" – New York Post (Read the story )

• "Moffat: His Mistress Made Him Do It" – New York Times

In his own letter in which he asks for leniency, Moffat told the judge the case had exacerbated his wife’s multiple sclerosis, The Associated Press reported.

“He said he has been ostracized by former friends and colleagues at IBM and lost $65 million in benefits he probably would have received had he stayed at the company,” the AP added.

Moffat also said his relationship with Chiesi wasn’t about money.

Added his lawyers: "That fact that what began as a professional relationship between Ms. Chiesi and himself became intimate is a transgression that haunts Bob terribly” … and Chiesi “manipulated or ‘played’ him to obtain information that she could use."

On Monday, however, prosecutors said Moffat

"As far as the government has determined, his motive was to help a woman with whom he was having an intimate, personal relationship," Reuters reported, citing the prosecutors’ filing.

Moffat faces sentencing on Sept. 13.

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