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DURHAM, N.C. – Mark Cuban certainly lives up to the image created by the name of the NBA franchise he owns: The Mavericks.

Cuban is a maverick himself, through and through. Just read what he had to say in his own blog {) about the media following his failed attempt last week to buy the Texas Rangers:

“What I have learned in 11 years in the sports business is that the dumbest guys in the room are always the media guys. Some do a decent job of reporting, most just spew opinions. And those opinions change more often than they brush their teeth. So what the media was saying was of zero impact or influence on what i was going to do. Listening to the media only increases your odds of failing at whatever you are doing. So I ignore them.”


Such candor from Cuban is just one of the many reasons The Skinny approached him about coming to the Triangle to talk about entrepreneurship, venture capital and how he has succeeded in business. He’s a “dot com” billionaire, and he will be in Durham on Thursday to headline Local Tech Wire’s Executive Ex change event focusing on venture capital, investing and building startups into successful ventures.

There’s still time to register, but do so quickly. Today’s the last day.

You don’t want to miss Mark Cuban. He makes news wherever he goes – and leaves a lot of business insight behind as well.

After all, how many people have ever become billionaires by listening to the media?

Cuban plays to win, which is one of the reason why he is a winner in business. He’s competitive to his very core. He’s driven.

In other words, he’s an entrepreneur.

“I want to win Championships and in my mind there was hope of winning a World Series with the Rangers,” Cuban wrote about his decision to pursue the Rangers.

He obviously wants to win a title with the Mavericks as well, building a team and payroll that is competitive with any other NBA franchise. He didn’t sign LeBron James, but he did keep Dirk Nowitzki.

Read Cuban’s blog about his efforts to buy the Mavericks and you will discover the intensity with which he approached the effort.

You can bet that same kind of effort goes into what he does with the Mavericks and his HDnet venture.

Don’t miss this chance to rub elbows with one of the “dot com” era’s best success stories.

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