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RALEIGH, N.C. – Technology transfer efforts at N.C. State University are about to get a big boost from IBM.

The university’s and Big Blue (NYSE: IBM), which employs some 10,000 people in the Triangle area, announced Wednesday a joint effort designed to enable faster commercialization of inventions and developments at NCSU.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

IBM is providing to NCSU that will help the university “to quickly sort through massive volumes of data to uncover potential investors and partnerships,” IBM said in a statement.

“A short list of potential investors” will be one of the end results, IBM added.

NCSU noted that it has spun out 23 startup companies based on technology developed at the university over the past five years.

"In our pilot project, IBM Big Data analytics allowed our team to understand the potential opportunities for our research projects, while at the same time reducing the tedious workload of finding potential investors," said Billy Houghteling, director of the Office of Technology Transfer at NCSU, in a statement. "This project allows us to concentrate on those activities of highest value and payback for the university."

Specific IBM solutions being used by NCSU include:

• “BigSheets,” a software engine designed to gain insights from data

• “LanguageWare,” a text analytics tool

• “IBM Cognos Content Analytics” for use in analyzing so-called un structured content.

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