By Callie Berchem, special to Local Tech Wire

RALEIGH, N.C. – We often hear objections from marketers about the need to develop a blog for their company. They wonder what the value will be and what effect the posts will have on their business.

We’ve synthesized our reading and research on the topic to the top 5 reasons companies should get involved in blogging.

1. Leads, Leads, Leads! Company blogs generate leads through search engines. The more content available on the Web, the more likely your company will be a top search result. Read this case study about how one company experienced 1,000 percent traffic growth last year due to a social media presence.

2. Humanize your business. Whether you’re a community bank or large real estate firm, people want to establish relationships and have a human voice, which you can recreate through conversational content. A company blog enables viewers to get to know who is behind the scenes and reveals your company’s connection with the community.

3. Connect the dots. These days everyone wants to connect even while on the go. Viewers and potential customers want a connection they can rely on, not a business-only relationship. By posting community events, company updates, and interactive content that promotes conversation, you can reach a broader audience and bring them back to one central location and ultimately build brand loyalty and increasing leads.

4. Opportunity cost. Now that 93 percent of social media users expect companies to be utilizing this channel, the cost of waiting any longer is a risk for any company (Cone, September 2008). Though ROI is still being determined, social media interaction depicts your company as a thought leader interested in building valuable relationships with customers and prospects.

5. Become a trusted resource. It’s not solely what a company says about themselves, but it’s more about what the customers hear. By posting industry-related information that is relevant to the viewer, your company’s blog will become the reliable go-to source for information. This eventually turns customers into brand advocates.

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