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By Bill Warner

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – We have all heard about the (Science, Technology, Education and Math) education initiatives gaining momentum throughout North Carolina.

Without realizing it, Connor Bernstein started down the same path of being a leader in science education from the time he was in the fourth grade. Now, at the age of 15, Bernstein is an emerging entrepreneur with exciting science project called “Kits for Kids” of all ages; including adults that think like kids.

The mission is to show kids just how much fun science can be with simple, focused, teacher-and kid-friendly science kits and activities. Bernstein says it’s important to give all kids the chance to find their place in the world of science.

“Science can sometimes seem mysterious and complicated, like it’s only for certain kinds of people. That’s definitely not true,” Bernstein explains. “I believe we can never have enough experimenters and innovators. Inspiring our next generation of scientists with exciting, hands on experiences at an early age is what I’m all about. I mean, what’s better than having fun while you’re learning?”

Bernstein founded Kits for Kids when he was in the fourth grade, because he was frustrated with the science kits he bought in stores.

“I look at things and wonder, why does that happen or how does that work, so it was frustrating when my teachers couldn’t always answer my questions or when science kits ran out of materials before I was finished experimenting with them,” Bernstein says. “I finally decided to see what I could do about that.”

In third grade, Bernstein began making science experiments and showing them to friends who thought they were really cool. By fourth grade, his love of teaching and science came together when he started Connor’s Kits for Kids.

Today, kids all over the country are using these kits and having fun with science. Bernstein says his “allowance-friendly” kits help kids learn about science with awesome, focused experiments, lots of materials, and easy to follow instructions with clear explanations.

“In fact,” he adds, “I include such a generous amount of material it’s like getting two kits for the price of just one!”

Bernstein is truly a unique individual. His curiosity is boundless and his energy is seemly unlimited. He can be found teaching science to school children, as they learn how to make Slime, create Plant Pals, or discover awesome Insta-Pets in action. All of this and more is out of Bernstein’s innovative mind.

Remarkably, he also has conducted team building sessions for small businesses, having them all make Slime together.

But, this is a business. Bernstein has pulled together the marketing program, science project design, packaging, raw material supply, manufacturing and assembly of his innovative science kits. He has sold hundreds of them, and is ramping up to sell thousands with the help of his new website and manufacturing operations. He is running an increasingly complex and rapidly expanding retail business, and has yet to graduate from high school.

Bernstein has big dreams of being a successful entrepreneur that brings value to society through science education. As a high school senior (Yes, a 15-year-old senior) at Hawbridge Charter High School in Saxapahaw, he plans to go onto college to further pursue his dream. In fact, he is getting a head start on that by already completing college chemistry, biology in addition to launching this venture.

If Connor Bernstein can do all of this himself, with his parent’s devoted help, think what could happen if he got some help from others. He has gotten business help from several professionals who he meets with regularly. Keep an eye on this entrepreneur. He is going to be one of our leading businessmen.

I suggest that the education innovators of North Carolina learn some things from Connor Bernstein about how to bring science to kids in innovative and effective ways.

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