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RALEIGH, N.C. – Open-source leader Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), is ranked as the top corporate contributor to the , the company said this week.

In a census study published by Neary Consulting at GUADEC, held last week in The Hague, Netherlands, the Linux creator placed first among the total 106 companies that have contributed to GNOME development over the past 10 years with nearly 17 percent of the total code commits.

The study also showed that nine out of the top 20 contributors are Red Hat employees.

The GNOME project, governed by the GNOME Foundation, was founded more than 13 years ago with the goal of creating a free software desktop user environment for UNIX-type operating systems. Today, the project constitutes a large body of source code that is used by the free, Red Hat-sponsored Fedora distribution and the commercially-supplied Red Hat Enterprise Linux, as well as other Linux distributions and platforms.

serves as a member of the GNOME advisory board, in addition to Canonical, Collabora, Debian, Free Software Foundation, Google, IBM, Igalia, Intel, Motorola, Mozilla Foundation, Nokia, Novell, OLPC, Oracle and the Software Freedom Law Center.

Red Hat is headquartered in Raleigh with more than 65 offices spanning the globe.

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