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RALEIGH, N.C. – and recently announced an agreement for the development of a new oral insulin delivery system for type 1 diabetes.

The finalized arrangement provides for the development of a Siosome nanoparticle containing synthetic human insulin designed to be administered orally and then time-released into the bloodstream over a 12-hour period.

Financial terms and specific details have not been disclosed.

Under the agreement, Helia and Siogen will work together to develop this drug for canine type 1 diabetes. The project is currently underway with the goal leading the veterinary and medical world to a new personalized method to manage diabetes in a more controlled and patient-friendly manner.

Siogen Biotech is Malaysia-based company that focuses on developing nanoparticle delivery systems for many different drugs, compounds and substances. Helia Medical is a Wisconsin-based company with operations in Raleigh that uses many cutting-edge human medical developments and applies them to veterinary medical applications.

Many of the developments from this partnership should directly advance not only veterinary medicine, but also human medicine worldwide.

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