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SALISBURY, N.C. – Starting this week, Cheerwine fans can find their favorite soft drink anywhere in the U.S. for free on their iPhone thanks to a new app that allows fans to order Cheerwine on the spot, check the soft drink’s Facebook updates, and interact with a virtual, ice-cold beverage.

"Because we’re not a ubiquitous brand, yet have a strong following, our fans are constantly asking us to bring the soft drink to their cities and to tell them where they can find the nearest Cheerwine," said Tom Barbitta, vice president of marketing at Cheerwine.

"Thanks to our new app, we can now provide fans a cool resource that feeds their thirst for technology while literally allowing them to track down Cheerwine across the country quenching their real thirst," added Barbitta.

Once an iPhone user opens the app, there are five tabs to choose from:

  • Find Cheerwine: opens to a map on where users can get contact information for the nearest retailer or restaurant carrying Cheerwine.
  • Facebook Cheerwine: links to the Facebook fan page and shows all wall postings and their comments.
  • See Cheerwine: loads pictures from Cheerwine’s Facebook page.
  • Drink Cheerwine: brings up an interactive Cheerwine can that users can tap, pour and more.
  • Get Cheerwine: goes to GetsomeCheerwine.com so any Cheerwine fan can order it on the spot.

The app is the brainchild of North Carolinian and Cheerwine fan, Nick Loftin, who grew up in Stoneville, attended N.C. State, and now lives in Raleigh. Loftin is also the creator of CheerwineFinder.com, a site he launched last year after not being able to find his favorite soft drink on the West Coast.

"We’re thankful to have such devoted fans, like Nick, who really take ownership of the brand and claim it as theirs," added Barbitta. "We’re excited to give them a new resource where they can stay connected to us – and us with them."

To download the app, iPhone users can search for "Cheerwine" on iTunes or the app store on their phones.

Cheerwine is produced by the Carolina Beverage Corporation in Salisbury. It has been produced since 1917.

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