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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Panasonic introduced a 3-D digital camcorder targeting consumers Tuesday – just another reason for entrepreneurs and executives to attend Local Tech Wire’s “Immersive Internet” event today.

Plus, research firm Parks Associates is out with new data that shows 80 percent of TVs sold in the U.S. by 2014 will be 3-D ready.

How big is the demand for 3-D?

Lenovo, the world’s No. 4 PC maker that is based in Morrisville, is hard at work on its own 3-D computer. LTW hoped to have Lenovo demonstrate the new PC, but the company’s available models are in such demand for presentations to customers that a Lenovo spokesperson said Tuesday it couldn’t participate.

The 3-D technology wave that will turn the Internet and web into an immersive, virtual reality environment is about to hit with full force as companies worldwide generate 3-D capable devices and videogames, movie studios begin making 3-D movies almost a standard, and immersive training becomes more common not only for military and medical training but also for education.

Dr. Julian Lombardi, a professor at Duke University, an entrepreneur and a 3-D virtual worlds pioneer, headlines LTW’s event at noon at the American Tobacco District’s Bay 7.

Registration ($25) at the door is available.

Don’t miss it.