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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Queen City’s downtown is home to the second Wi-Fi “hotzone” created by AT&T (NYSE: T).

The hotzone is designed to augment AT&T Wireless’ 3G cellular network, providing mobile broadband access.

AT&T’s first hotzone launched in New York City.

A third is planned for Chicago. (For more about AT&T Wi-Fi services, )

The hotzone runs from South Brevard Street near the new NASCAR Hall of Fame Plaza to East Trade Street.

The hotzones are pilot tests by AT&T, which already offers thousands of hotspots nationwide in smaller locations.

"Wi-Fi plays a key role in our strategy to mobilize everything that’s important to our customers – including entertainment, news, social networks and business apps,” said Angie Wiskocil, senior vice president for AT&T Wi-Fi Services. “With these pilot AT&T Wi-Fi hotzones, we’re examining new ways to use a combination of our Wi-Fi and 3G networks to deliver the best possible mobile broadband experience."

AT&T says its network handled 68.1 million Wi-Fi connections in the second quarter, more than four times the total from the same quarter a year earlier.

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