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A few questions and answers about Apple Inc.’s (Nasdaq: AAPL) decision to give buyers a free case:

Q: Why is Apple doing this?

A: The iPhone 4 was redesigned. A steel band that runs around the phone acts as its antenna. Some people say calls disconnect when they accidentally cover a spot on the band with their bare hands. Apple says the phones don’t need fixing, and people can easily avoid the problem by using a case.

Q: Who gets a free case? How can I get mine?

A: Starting later this week, everyone who bought an iPhone 4 can go to Apple’s website and sign up to get a free case in the mail. Apple can’t make enough of its own $29 "Bumper" cases for everyone. It will add more cases to its selection and let people choose.

Q: What if I already bought one?

A: People who already paid for a Bumper case can get a refund, though details on how to get it aren’t immediately available. Those who bought cases made by companies other than Apple are not eligible for a refund.

Q: How long will the free case offer last?

A: Through Sept. 30. The company will decide then whether to extend the offer.

Q: What if I’m still not happy with my iPhone 4?

A: Apple will give you a full refund. People who bought their iPhones from AT&T can also get a full refund and break their contracts without penalty.

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