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CARY, NC. – So what are the capabilities that will add to the growing business intelligence and analytics resume of services at ?

Its corporate mission: “Establish VSTI as a premier provider of innovative technological solutions that contribute to enhanced national security and defense of the United States from its adversaries.”

Three recent announcements from VSTI offer insight into some of the private firm’s repertoire that SAS announced on Friday

"Streaming Analytics Framework"

Last year, VSTI “emerged as the first technology contractor to deliver an operational production system to the Department of Defense capable of real-time content-specific detection and alerting for intelligence analysts. The VSTI Streaming Analytics Framework is capable of identifying actionable intelligence hidden in billions of structured or unstructured data records, in minutes. Today, the system provides analytic services to over 1,000 intelligence analysts, including significant support to deployed field analysts supporting war efforts around the world. The underlying technical concept for this content filtering and alert solution has broad applications.”

"BattleSpace Luminary System"

In January, VSTI “proposed the ‘BattleSpace Luminary System (BLS)’ and was awarded a Phase I SBIR for the Office of Naval Research research topic entitled ‘Semantic Wiki for Page Alerting.’ The goal of the SBIR is to retrieve information from a variety of data sources, including news articles, military and intelligence messages, and similar media. Using semantic extraction and reasoning, it will compose information into semantic wiki pages. These pages will provide both current factual information and communally-created content about military targets, terrorist threats, or other vital information. The BattleSpace Luminary System also will transmit alerts to commanders or watch officers when the system detects a change in status for particular targets.”

"Persistent Queries for Evolving Situational Awareness"

Also in January, VSTI “proposed the ‘AcqKnowledge System’ and was awarded a Phase I SBIR for the Air Force research topic entitled ‘Persistent Queries for Evolving Situational Awareness of Organizational Entities.’ The goal of the SBIR is to derive crucial knowledge concerning the acquisition of government goods or services. Ranging from contracting compliance to military munitions, this system will extract information from public websites and government data repositories. Through this system, acquisition officers will easily verify whether a particular organization is compliant with criteria for a particular request, or military supply officers could locate needed munitions.”

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