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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Venture capitalists fighting a have apparently won a victory.

But have they won the war?

The Senate’s failure Thursday to reach cloture on the so-called Job Extenders bill means the ‘carried interest” debate is mute – for the time being. The tax changes were included in the jobs bill.

Even as House and Senate committees reached agreement on other legislation involving increased financial regulation, two analysts watching the situation see at least short-term status quo for VCs.

“Look, it’s possible that the winds of change will boomerang in the upcoming days, weeks or months,” warned Daniel Primack at Private Equity Hub. “Europe could get its misguided act together, Congress could further strengthen Volcker before passage and the Job Extenders bill could be saved (or perhaps carried interest taxation finds its way into other legislation). But, as of this moment, private equity should be beaming with unexpected optimism.”

Jennifer Connell Dowling, writing at the , came to a similar conclusion.

“While this language was the most favorable in terms of rewarding long term investment, the failure of this latest cloture vote makes the passage of the full extender’s package less likely. However, the bill’s failure does not mean that the carried interest provision has been permanently defeated. More than likely, it has been delayed.”

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