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RALEIGH, N.C. – Jim Whitehurst, chief executive officer at Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), is confident that the world’s top Linux software developer and services provider has a winning strategy and products to capitalize on the growing virtualization and cloud marketplaces.

"Our customers are demanding cloud-based services," Whitehurst said.

According to Whitehurst, Red Hat has ‘hundreds" of proof-of-concept projects underway since launching the cloud business effort in November.

In an interview with IT blogger The VARguy.com at in Boston this week, Whitehurst makes his case.

“As Red Hat launches a cloud strategy and inks a deeper virtualization partnership with Cisco Systems, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst has a cautionary message for VMware partners,” The VAR guy wrote. “Indeed, Whitehurst claims VMware over the next few years will suffer the same fate as Sun Microsystems. Admittedly, he didn’t use those “exact” words — but draw your own conclusions based on this report… “

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By the way, the anonymous VARguy is a widely read blogger on information technology, touted by his publisher as “the IT channel’s most popular blog.”

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