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MORRISVILLE, N.C. – Two of the hottest products announced at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year are still coming to market despite delays, company President Rory Read told ChannelWeb.

In a story posted Thursday, ChannelWeb said it asked Read about the IdeaPad U1 hybrid and Skylight models.

A major factor in the delay is a decision by the world’s No. 4 PC maker, which is based in Morrisville, to move to the Android operating system, ChannelWeb’s Rob Wright reported.

“We haven’t launched those to the public yet, and here’s why: in the tablet space, we refocused our work there to make sure we leverage the Android technology,” Read is quoted as saying.

“We announced that development a few weeks ago. So we learned from our customer feedback since CES that they loved the form factor and they loved the concept,” he added. “But that ecosystem around Android is really picking up speed, and I think it’s a smart move to combine our efforts with what’s going on with Android and make sure we hit that sweet spot. So you’ll see that come later in our fiscal year as we launch those new products. And I think that will fulfill on energy and buzz we saw at CES.”

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