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“To better illustrate how the emerging biofuels industry sector is growing toward its 10% in 10 years’ goal, the Biofuels Center of North Carolina produced a map of biofuels activity across the state in May 2010,” the Center said in its latest newsletter.

“North Carolina has made a commitment to replace 10% of the 5.6 billion gallons of petroleum it imports each year with home-grown and -produced biofuels. To accomplish that goal of approximately 600 million gallons a year of North Carolina biofuels by 2017, a range of needs must be met statewide for a new industry sector to fully develop.

“Since the Biofuels Center staff started work in January 2008, a considerable amount of progress has been made in fostering this new sector. To illustrate this progress, a placemat with a county-by-county snapshot of current biofuels activity across North Carolina was printed for the General Assembly cafeteria to help share information with legislators and members of the public visiting the legislature.”

The map is available as a PDF file

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