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LOS ANGELES – “The Gears universe has never been crazier,” proclaims IGNentertainment after Epic Games rolled out a new game trailer for its upcoming “Gears of War 3” on Monday at E3.

Epic also set the release date for its a first-person shooter being developed by its People Can Fly subsidiary at the E3 expo on Monday.

“Gears of War storms the stage at Microsoft’s E3 2010 Press Conference with all-new campaign gameplay!” proclaimed the editors at the E3 website.

Meanwhile, Epic and Electronic Arts said that Bulletsorm will be released on Feb. 22, 2011.

EA, the publisher, and Epic are allowing E3 attendees to play the game in EA’s booth.

Here’s a game synopsis from EA:

“Set in a futuristic utopia, an elite peacekeeping force thwarts the rumblings of civil war. But deception within the ranks has caused two members of the most feared unit, Dead Echo, to strike out on their own. Now, washed-up mercenaries, Grayson Hunt and Ishi Sato, are stranded on the abandoned paradise planet of Stygia surrounded by hordes of mutants and flesh-eating gangs. They survive on two objectives: get off the planet alive and exact revenge on the man who sent them there.”

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