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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – A colleague told The Skinny that she and connected firms were passing on an invitation to attend our “4G Wireless and You” event because they weren’t playing in the wireless space.

Bad choice, Every one, every business is going to be involved in the true mobile broadband space in one way or another in the near future.

The world is going wireless, and 4G means high-speed access any where, any time from an increasingly growing number of devices.
People want fast access. The applications business is exploding as more companies want access to mobile users for everything from books to advertising, tweets to driving directions, TV news and weather to dinner reservations, enterprise data access to accessing cloud computing.

Those reasons are why Local Tech Wire and its partners have assembled a strong panel for Tuesday’s event, which starts at 11:30 a.m. at the American Tobacco Complex in Durham. Yes, we also are throwing in lunch.

The speakers’ lineup Local Tech Wire’s 4G event on June 15 just keeps getting better.

Teresa Kellett, director of 4G for Sprint, is the latest to join our panel discussion about the opportunities for true high-speed wireless broadband that 4G technology offers.

Sprint launched its first 4G phone and is a pace setter in the deployment of new technologies enabling faster access both on the road and from the home or office.

Kellett is leading Sprint’s 4G go-to-market efforts. Before assuming that role, she was director of global development and technology advocacy for another Sprint business unit. She also has managed Sprint’s efforts ion working with Clearwire, a high-speed broadband provider and leader in WiMax technology.

Mike Parker, director of data for the Carolinas and Tennessee at Verizon Wireless, will talk about the company’s wireless strategy.

Apple’s iPhone 4 won’t operate at 4G speeds – yet – but AT&T Wireless is upgrading its 3G network.

Why should Triangle executives be interested in faster wireless? Well, mobile broadband is the next tsunami, and the Triangle is one of the first places in the U.S. to draw 4G deployments.

Plus, much of the 4G wireless research and development and deployment – from software applications to the towers and transmitters providing the backhaul – is taking place in our own neighborhood.

Other members of our panel for the Executive Exchange event include:

• Vince Lesch, chief technology officer at Tekelec

• Michael Miess, vice president of wireless at Time Warner Cable

• Paul Levering, chief executive officer of VoIP communications services provider FeatureTel

• Sam Matheny, general manager of Capitol Broadcasting’s News Over Wireless

Tekelec is one of the world leaders in providing the infrastructure that enables wireless users to “surf, talk, and text,” as the company says.

Time Warner Cable’s wireless offering is designed to deliver broadband power to mobile devices.

FeatureTel, meanwhile, is rolling out mobile applications for use of VoIP.

And News Over Wireless is enabling TV stations across the country to deliver video news on the go.

The Skinny (that’s me) will moderate the discussion and present an overview of 4G.

The program begins with registration and networking at 11:30 followed by lunch and the panel presentation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to catch the next wave.

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