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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – , a provider of various financial services, continues to grow its customer base.

The company, which operates across North Carolina, has added 25 clients in recent months, according to Managing Director David Gilroy.

Scale Finace offers part-time chief financial officer and controller services as well as assistant in raising capital and handle mergers and acquisitions.

New clients include: American Forests, Organic Bouquet, Lusive Décor, MoveableCode, VitalTrax, SageServer IT, Barbour Consulting, Professional Fitness, Acken Signs, Historical News Journal, Pro Pad, AmeriTrust, Direct Response Concepts, PowerTray, Horticultural Asset Management, StatSheet, iDream Studios, SciMed Solutions, Net Friends, Ovation Wireless, iQual, Beckett Media, Navigator Group, LF Designs, and Electric Violin.

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