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MORRISVILLE, N.C. – With sales, profits and marketshare up worldwide after a year of new laptops, netbooks and other mobile devices such as smartphones, Lenovo is now adding more desktop models and monitors.

The world’s No. 4 PC maker unveiled a new lineup of five PCs targeting business and enterprise network users on Thursday.
Among the new choices is a 23-inch screen all-in-one model that features touchscreen technology and web conferencing called the ThinkCenter M90z.

The ThinkStation C20, meanwhile, features a more compact design. And the ThinkStation C20x touts more memory as well as more powerful processors, Lenovo says.

Other new products include a large monitor for use with netbooks and other portable PCs plus a monitor with duo-screen capability.

“While more and more people are using mobile devices, there are lots of environments where desktop products simply make more sense, and these latest Lenovo products showcase how our new innovations are leading in all-in-one desktops,” said Peter Hortensius, senior vice president for the Think Product Group at Lenovo.

“We believe all-in-one is the future of desktops, so we created the ThinkCentre M90z to deliver everything large enterprise customers need: no compromised performance, customized ergonomic features and a full web conferencing experience,” he added.

The M90z machine includes a variety of options for height display, including a mounting on a wall.

The PC is available now starting at $899.

The new monitors start at $259.99.

The C20 and C20x workstations start at $1,199 and will be available in the near future.