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Jud Bowman, founder and chief executive officer at Durham-based , is offering high praise for Apple’s new iPhone 4.

"Apple has raised the bar again with the iPhone 4G for what is possible with a smartphone," Bowman told Local Tech Wire shortly after Apple’s Steve Jobs announced the new phone.

"I’m excited about this because Apple is driving other handset makers to innovate faster," added Bowman, whose company focuses on smartphone applications and application stores but doesn’t work with Apple..

"The incredible mobile devices coming to market with faster processors, more memory, longer batteries and better resolution are all even better platforms for apps," Bowman said.

At Apple’s annual developer conference, Jobs said the next iPhone will have a higher-resolution screen, longer battery life and thinner design.

How does the iPhone 4 compare to the new Android-based EVO 4G that launched with Sprint on Friday? "The fourth generation iPhone isn’t just going up against one phone. Nope, the EVO 4G is just Android’s flavor of the month," says Tech Crunch. "A more powerful and sexy Android handset will likely steal its attention by the end of the summer and the iPhone 4 will have to stand against that model as well."

For a comparison of the two phones,

Jobs revealed that the iPhone 4, which is due to be released June 24. It will cost $199 or $299, depending on the capacity.

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It is about three-eighths of an inch thick; the previous iPhone was nearly half an inch. It is getting a camera on the front that could be used for videoconferencing, in addition to a five-megapixel camera and a flash on the back. It can shoot high-definition video, catching up to some other smart phones.

The display on the new iPhone remains 3.5 inches diagonally, but Jobs said it can show four times as many pixels – the individual colored dots that make up an image – as the previous screen.

The new phone will run the latest version of Apple’s mobile software, now called iOS4, which Apple unveiled in April to offer such new features as the ability to operate more than one program at a time. Older iPhones will be able to get iOS4 as a download June 21.

New applications for the device include the popular game Farmville and one from Netflix that lets people watch streaming video where they left off on a PC.

The  iPhone 4. It is less than 10 millimeters thick (about three-eighths of an inch). The previous iPhone, released last year, was about 12 millimeters, or nearly half an inch. It has a higher-resolution screen and a front-facing camera, which could be used for videoconferencing, in addition to one on the back.

Jobs called it "the biggest leap since the original iPhone." ()

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Several bloggers are submitting real-time posts from the event.

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"We’re introducing iPhone 4," Engadget reported at 1:31 p.m. EST.

Apple received some other good news Monday.

Sales of its iPad appear to be a "crushing success," says JMP Securities analyst Douglas Ireland.

Ireland said he checked sales of the iPad compared with netbooks (small, cheaper laptops used mainly to surf the Web) at a dozen Best Buy stores nationwide. He said he found only one iPad available across the entire country, in Chicago. It seems, Ireland added, that Apple is shipping between 10 and 25, or at most 30, iPads per shipment "and the 3G-enabled devices are selling within hours of arriving, with the WiFi ones very close behind." The 3G iPads allow users to connect to AT&T’s cellular network for a monthly fee.

"Apple is obviously having crushing success with the iPad, but it seems to be more tangential to netbooks than overlapping because they are used for different purposes," the analyst wrote.

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