Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq: ORCL) is cutting more jobs as part of its takeover of slumping computer-server maker Sun Microsystems.

Oracle, the world’s biggest database-software maker, said in a regulatory filing Friday that the new round of cuts would mostly hit employees in Asia and Europe.

It didn’t specify how many employees would be laid off. But it did say the new restructuring would be at least twice as expensive as the one Oracle initiated immediately after closing the Sun deal in January.

The new cuts will cost Oracle $675 million to $825 million. The previous cuts, which are ongoing, will cost an estimated $325 million.

From the filing:

“As previously disclosed in Oracle’s fiscal 2010 third quarter Form 10-Q, Oracle’s management had previously commenced its Sun Restructuring Plan (the “Sun Plan”) in connection with the integration of Sun Microsystems, Inc. (“Sun”), with estimated costs of $325 million, of which $235 million was recorded during the three and nine months ended February 28, 2010.

“On May 10, 2010, Oracle Corporation’s management extended its Sun integration plan to cover Europe and Asia and approved, committed to and initiated an amendment (the “Amendment”) to the Sun Plan. The Amendment further reduces the size of Oracle’s combined workforce primarily in Europe and Asia, eliminates redundant costs resulting from the acquisition of Sun and reflects improved efficiencies in operations.

“Oracle estimates the additional costs related to this Amendment to the Sun Plan will be between $675 million and $825 million, the substantial majority of which will require the outlay of cash. Oracle expects that $550 million to $650 million of these additional costs will be restructuring charges related principally to employee severance costs, $85 million to $115 million will relate to facilities costs and $40 million to $60 million will relate to contract termination costs.

“The additional costs related to the Amendment to the Sun Plan are expected to be incurred through calendar 2011. Notifications to affected employees began on May 28, 2010.”

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