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DURHAM, N.C. – At least five new startup ventures will have a coming out party of sorts on Wednesday evening as premiers in the Triangle.

Unfortunately, there won’t be any rockets’ red glare.

The event is touted by organizer Scott Kelly of KeySource Commercial Bank as a “cross pollinating, unifying event of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and startup specialists where Triangle startups launch their new ideas as real companies.”

Kelly uses a rocket as part of his Launch Days logo. He’s looking for a model rocket to put on display at the event.

"Curious if anyone has a large model rocket to use @launchdays," he tweeted at Twitter about the event. "American Tobacco declined my proposal to shoot off bottle rockets."

The presenting firms will make their pitches to potential investors and other startup experts then receive feedback in a public forum.

Kelly says companies will be ‘grilled."

Launch Days gets underway at 5:15 p.m. May 12 at the American Tobacco campus in Durham.

Presenting ventures include:

• Ruzuku

• Neobudget

• Argyle Social

• Shoeboxed

• Ignite Social Media

Another company may also participate.

For more in formation about Launch Days, contact Kelly (skelly@keysourcebank.com)

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