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RALEIGH, N.C. – The e-NC Authority is looking for information from citizens to business leaders about broadband access across the state as it continues to develop a map of where high-speed service is and isn’t available.

e-NC has posted the survey online at its

E-mail was also sent by e-NC to more than 100,000 N.C. residents, organizations and businesses.

The survey responses are due by May 19.

“I enthusiastically urge those receiving e-mail requests to participate in the survey because the results will help us better understand where we are and where we need to go, relative to broadband access and use,” said Jane Smith Patterson, executive director of the e-NC Authority. “Future economic growth and prosperity for both North Carolina and the nation depends on the availability and use of high-speed broadband. We are especially concerned about rural areas and small towns in North Carolina because broadband access and utilization are still a challenge in these communities.”

e-NC recently received a federal grant to help support the broadband map project. The Authority has been tasked by the N.C. General Assembly to expand the availability of broadband across the state.

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