By the Philanthropy Journal

RALEIGH, N.C. – Nonprofits increasingly are thinking about mobile fundraising and likely will try it soon, but they also are stymied by not knowing how to market or promote their use of the new technology, the reports about .

Thirty-six percent of nonprofits responding to a survey Kaptivate conducted in February use mobile media or plan to in the next 12 months, and over half expect over the next 24 months to be using mobile technology for donor engagement and fundraising.

Sixty-two percent, however, do not know how to market or promote their mobile strategies effectively, and 58 percent raised less than $1,000.

Still, 83 percent believe mobile would improve donor-convenience activities, 74 percent believe it would improve donor-engagement activities, and 69 percent it would improve donor-acquisition activities.

"There’s palpable excitement about mobile engagement and fundraising in the nonprofit sector," Ron Vassallo, chief executive of Kaptivate, said in a statement. "But the right guidance and technology will be instrumental in moving the dial from curiosity to active commitment to mobile media."

Nonprofits believe changes in the user experience are necessary and essential to the adoption of mobile giving by their constituents, the survey says.

A better user experience will require better engagement opportunities, better services and enhanced convenience, the survey says.

Nonprofits also says less dependence on wireless carriers, more analytics and better transaction options would help them foster better user experience for their constituents.

The survey says the U.S. has 270 mobile subscribers and over 69 million with access to the mobile web, which 27 percent of Americans access frequently.

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