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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – Local Tech Wire’s new partnership with the , , and the (SMT Center) to advocate for the importance of STEM education and to launch a special section devoted entirely to coverage of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.

Today, that new section goes live at Local Tech Wire. (Read the first stories and the last and

With content provided by NC STEM, MCNC, the SMT Center and other sources, this “STEM News” section has editorial plans to touch on legislative and policy issues, funding opportunities, industry impacts and economic development, knowledge workforce demands and transformation, discussions on 21st century schools, the importance of high-speed connectivity in classrooms, Race to the Top, STEM events, what local communities are doing on the ground, exclusive interviews with state and national thought leaders, and much more.

This weekly update will provide critical information and the real-world impact STEM has in North Carolina and nationwide. Additionally, Local Tech Wire will be inviting STEM students to its Executive Exchange programs, which focus on information technology and life science issues, and plans to sponsor a STEM-focused Executive Exchange later this year.

“Local Tech Wire has been an aggressive provider of STEM coverage in the past, and we will be even more so in the future,” said LTW Editor Rick Smith. “Workforce preparation is a growing concern in North Carolina and the United States. Companies need more well-educated employees who are skilled in STEM. Our intention with this new section is to help bring more attention to STEM. By involving students, we hope to ultimately encourage more young people to choose a career in STEM.”

"The reality is that North Carolina’s economic future is tied to having a STEM-educated workforce in all areas of the state," added Karl Rectanus, leader of NC STEM, a state organization working with communities to ensure students engage in rigorous STEM education. "This exciting new section in LTW will provide leaders in the tech and business sectors information to help us all drive STEM education and our economy further faster."

MCNC President and CEO Joe Freddoso said there continues to be a strong link between high-quality STEM education and economic development.

“Through Local Tech Wire, we will highlight the good work being done in communities all over the state, pose and inspire new ideas, share leading-edge news, collaborate with state and national experts, and increase awareness of STEM education to ensure all of our students are prepared for 21st century jobs,” added Freddoso. “This will provide an outlet to gain additional understanding of the role of STEM in our economic prosperity, improved healthcare, and care of the environment. Our future depends on it.”

“The importance of STEM education applies not only to students, but to the citizens of this state,” concurred Sam Houston, president of the SMT Center, which aims to systematically improve performance in science, mathematics, and technology preK-12 education. “The future of the state’s economy is knowledge based, and that begins with STEM.”

Story ideas and contributions are welcome. For information about how you, your company, school or organization can participate, contact Rick Smith at Local Tech Wire (rsmith@wral.com) or Noah Garrett at NGC Communications (noah@thinkngc.com).