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Local Tech Wire

CARY, N.C. — SAS Institute is opening the door wider for use of its free SAS OnDemand for Academics, allowing college students to use what has been available only for faculty.

"Modern society is awash in data. SAS coursework provides students the skills to analyze massive amounts of data and then use this knowledge to make sound decisions," SAS said. "The applications of data analytics cross all industries, placing analytic skills in high demand."

"While students can access SAS at no cost, professors remain the gatekeepers. We want to ensure that SAS is integrated into coursework in a thoughtful and effective manner, providing students the most engaging experience," said Ron Statt, product development manager for the SAS Education Practice. "Students should ask their professors to consider using SAS OnDemand for Academics. We’re happy to consult on the best ways to make that happen."

Letting students get hands-on SAS experience is also possibly a good business strategy. When personal computers were introduced in the 1980s, IBM gave PCs to top business schools in hopes that future MBAs would lean IBM’s way when making decisions about what computers their companies should acquire.

The education market is a business for SAS as well as a place to help researchers and students analyze data. The company said it has "more than 2,000 college, university and business-school customers in 109 countries and education specialists on every continent."