Editor’s note:As Nortel fell into disarray and bankruptcy over the past several years, Local Tech Wire and WRAL.com often worked with Mark Evans in covering the company’s fall from greatness since June of 2006. The Nortel story is fading as is the company. A former newspaper journalist, Mark Evans has been writing about the technology and telecom sectors since 1995.

By MARK EVANS, Special to LTW

TORONTO – As many of you have probably noticed, hasn’t been that active recently.

Part of it has to do with the fact the amount of news coming out of Nortel has dropped considerably, which is understandable given there aren’t many assets left in the portfolio.

As well, my digital marketing and social media consulting business, , has been extremely busy, which hasn’t left a lot of time for AAN.

After 1,622 posts, AAN – like Nortel – is nearing the end of its active life. I’ll probably do blog posts when there is big or interesting news, and AAN will continue to stay alive to serve as an archive for anyone interested in the sad decline of Canada’s flagship technology company.

It has been an amazing and fascinating run – one that I never envisioned happened when I decided to see if I could blog about a single company. Along the way, hundreds of employees, analysts, investors and interested parties have been extremely helpful so I would like offer everyone a huge “Thank You!”.

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• , a blog devoted to Twitter

• , a blog for Sysomos Inc., a social media monitoring company where I’m director of communications.

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