By KIP TURCO, special to LTW

Editor’s note: Kip Turco is chief operating officer at , a provider of managed hosting and data center services such as “cloud computing.”

RALEIGH, N.C. – If you’re a computer gamer, the chances are pretty good you know all about the Triangle region. It’s a hub, and hopefully someday… a mecca, for game developers. It’s also home to some of the most successful gaming companies in the nation.

This week, the is being held in Raleigh. It bills itself as “the leading East Coast event for developers and professionals working in the interactive entertainment and serious game industries.” Produced by Triangle Game Initiative, the event attracted more than 700 people last year, and this year’s show is on track to be even more popular.

It’s a great place to get an idea of where this industry is headed; it’s also a great chance to gain some insights for better ways of doing business, whether or not you’re in the game business.

Here’s what I mean: The men and women who work at the more than 40 companies that will be at the TGC are incredibly talented and know more about developing gaming technology than I ever will. Most of them have chosen to concentrate on their core capability of developing the next generation of online games, and have chosen to leave more mundane tasks, such as keeping their networks up and running or operating system maintenance to others by outsourcing the responsibility.

Yes, I said “mundane,” even though it’s not. It’s certainly not a secondary consideration, especially when you consider that many of these firms have chosen to outsource both their production and development environments to others. This is a huge decision, of course: if their network goes down, they’re simply incapable of doing business.

Those who choose not do it all on their own, do so, because as technology professionals, they realize the true value. They understand that by outsourcing to a trusted provider, their network will remain up and running and their servers will remain patched…it will be protected against outside intruders to a higher degree…and they can continue functioning around the clock. It’s all because for those providers, the “mundane” tasks are hardly mundane; they’re at the core of what their businesses are all about.

It’s something you may want to consider as well. Whether it’s something as traditional as co-location or as advanced as moving some of your capabilities into the cloud, understand that managed service providers focus on what they do best, allowing you to focus on what you do best. As part of that, the chances are pretty good that they’ll deliver those services at a higher level than you’d be capable of delivering on your own, you’ll get an SLA, and operate your company at a lower overall cost.

Which may also provide the additional benefit of allowing you to accelerate the rollout of your product or service.

Which at the end of the day…. allows you to prioritize on the technical tasks that make your business more efficient or profitable!

If your wondering what my top pick TGC seminar is… I’m going to go check out , “Physics for Game Programmers.” The chances are pretty good that I won’t understand a word of it, but I will understand that I’m in position to help those who do.

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