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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – The job toll from (NYSE: IBM) latest round of terminations in its U.S. work force climbed above 2,900 Thursday.

According to information verified by , the union seeking to represent Big Blue workers, another work group in Global Business Services is cutting 202 positions.

The total now is 2,901 employees across 29 work groups.

Adding insult to injury, IBM has also stopped disclosing its U.S. workforce headcount in its annual report. The latest figure available from last fall is 105,000. An IBM spokesperson confirmed the change in policy to Computerworld, saying "our competitors report headcount globally. Going forward we will report it globally." The company has slashed its U.S. workforce by nearly 30,000 in recent years. Its global headcount, meanwhile, increased in 2009 to nearly 400,000.

IBM’s “resource action” started on March 1, and the job death toll data continues to dribble out. The company seldom if ever talks about layoffs and usually avoids large cutbacks that would trigger legal notifications as required by federal law.

Earlier this week, The Skinny asked Alliance@IBM’s lee Conrad, a retired 26-year IBM veteran, if the “RA’d” – IBM speak for being told your job is being eliminated – news was over.

“I think we have all of them for now,” he said. “But you just never know.”

Forty-eight hours later, Alliance received the data about the latest 202 cutbacks.

Alliance@IBM and many workers were already irate about the job cuts after IBM reported a very profitable 2009. Then came news about IBM Chairman and CEO Sam Palmisano’s $21 million compensation package for 2009. Now, even more layoffs.

If you want to see how mad many IBMers are, at the Alliance Web site.

For the record, here’s the latest RA’d count:

• STG Technology Development: 24

• STG Sales Support: 80

• CIO Application and infrastructure: 160

• Software Group WPLC: 50

• Software Group Information management: 99

• GBS Global Account: 98

• GTS Security Systems: 41

• ITD Transition, Quality & Service Mgmt: 276

• ITD Application Hosting and Database: 158

• ITD Service Management Delivery: 66

• ITD Storage Management: 178

• ITD Distributed Server Management: 318

• ITD SSO (IDMM): 120

• GTS North America East IMT Region Maintenance & Technical Support: 66

• Sales and Distribution Headquarters: 73

• ITD Complex Engagement Services: 34

• Tivoli: 51

• SWG Application & Integration Middleware: 119

• ITD Shared Services, Security & Risk Management: 216

• Sales and Distribution Global Sales: 57

• Human Resources Global Administration: 124

• STG Global markets: 12

• CIO Client Value Tranformation: 76

• Corporate Marketing & Communications: 48

• CIO Operations & Enterprise Portfolio Management: 8

• STG Software Development & Lab services: 39

• GBS Financial Services: 24

• GBS AIS: 84

• GBS ASAA: 202

• Total cut so far: 2901

What work group will be next?

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