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Local Tech Wire

RESEARCH TRIAGLE PARK, N.C. – Funded by a two-year $480,000 grant, will develop a health record application for use on smart phones and other devices.

RTI will work with Virginia Commonwealth University on the project.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is funding the project.

The app will be developed using Android open source and the Project HealthDesign Common Platform for Web services. It is to be designed to enable asthma patients to track lung function, medication use, physical activity, air pollution, airborne allergens and other measures.

Clinicians will track patient data.

"New technologies are allowing for the creation of personal health records applications that will enable our health care system to now provide more patient-centered care," said Barbara Massoudi, a senior research health scientist at RTI who will direct the project. "With the technologies we’re developing, patients and clinicians will be able to communicate more quickly and easily and more accurately track environmental and behavioral effects on our health."