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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. – So just badly are the economies in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia suffering in this recession?

Not well at all, especially when compared to other states, according to new data compiled by in a post it calls "A Regression Recession."

In its index based on five different categories of information and ranking the 50 states plus Washington, D.C.:

North Carolina ranks 30th

South Carolina was slightly better at 29th

Georgia, meanwhile, is a dismal 45th

How about other states neighboring them? Virginia is 17th. Tennessee is 41st.

According to Portfolio, 27 states showed a positive score. North Dakota ranked first with a positive score of 7.46. Nevada ranked dead last with a negative 9.5 score.

Here’s the breakdown for North Carolina (numbers are percentages):

• Overall score: -0.273

• Job growth: -4.6

• Unemployment rate: 11

• Income growth: 2.1

• Wage growth: -0.1

• Home value growth: -0.8

• Construction job growth: -18.3

South Carolina had a negative 0.185 score.

Georgia’s percentage: -3.457.