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Local Tech Wire

APEX, N.C. – More engineers, programmers and scientists now have access to a key visualization software tool – volume rendering – as part of a new product release from

The Apex-based firm is a world leader in sophisticated engineering software for use in computer assisted engineering and other fields.

Its new EnSight 9.1 adds volume rendering that has largely been limited to medical imaging and seismic oil field analysis, according to CEI. The firm says the addition can be used for high-speed medical imaging, combustion, alternative energy structural analysis, automobile occupant safety, astrophysics, aerodynamics and sports performance.

Volume rendering is a technique used to display a 2D projection of a 3D discretely sampled data set, according to Wikipedia.

“Practical volume rendering for CFD [computational fluid dynamics] and FEA [finite element analysis] is only now possible because of the development of powerful graphics cards from ATI and nVidia, and integration with tools engineers and scientists in the field are accustomed to, namely EnSight,” sasid Dan Schikore, vice president of engineering for CEI.

“Customers tell me that their previous process of using volume rendering was to send their data to a volume rendering researcher and wait for some images or movies to come back.”