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The Associated Press

NEW YORK — In a tweeted goodbye, the chief executive of Sun Microsystems bowed out with a haiku.

Jonathan Schwartz’s haiku on Twitter

"Financial crisis/

Stalled too many customers/

CEO no more."

Within Twitter’s 140-character limit, Schwartz tells his followers on Thursday that it’s his last day at Sun. And that he’ll miss it.

He had been expected to leave after Oracle Corp. closed its $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems Inc. on Jan. 27.

Schwartz’s following on Twitter swelled by at least 1,000 Thursday, to some 9,000, on the day of his post.

Oracle declined to comment or confirm that Schwartz resigned.

Schwartz has been an avid blogger, and in 2006 asked federal regulators to allow companies to disclose significant financial information through blogs.